YouTube Channels
Audio Nostalgia My channel which contains all of the videos that can be found on this website.
A British Audiophile Great channel with HiFi beginner guides as well as plenty of HiFi gear reviews.
Zero Fidelity Fantastic channel for HiFi equipment reviews.
Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac Daily videos, anything HiFi and music related.
Acoustics Insider You want to have a better understanding of small room acoustics? Look not further.
Audioholics Plenty of great videos related to HiFi and Home Cinema.
DIY Audio Sites: One of the best DIY audio sites one the net! Another great DIY orientated audio site. Massive archive of vintage HiFi equipment. Fountain of knowledge about vintage Tannoy speakers – difficult to navigate though. Another good audio site about vintage Tannoy drivers. Brilliant website about famous BBC monitors LS3/5A.
Audio Forums: Do it yourself and get some advice of people like you! Home audio stereo discussion forum. Another great audio forum. Audio forum provided by the Audioholics magazine.
UK Based Component Stores: Wide range of drivers, some budget caps and parts for LS3/5A. Very, very wide range of products.
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