A Few Words About Me & Vintage HiFi

Welcome to my website! Audio Nostalgia was developed as a result of a lifetime passion for HiFi, DIY and vintage items. I always felt that there is something magical about the vintage HiFi. Nonetheless, I’m a great believer that if one is going to use vintage equipment for playing music (not for decorative purposes only), one needs to put some work into it, to get the best out of it. I am also a big fan of doing things myself. Not because it is cheaper, and not because I think I can do them better than professionals – far from that! Simply because I take great pleasure in learning new things, and because using items that I built gives me great satisfaction.

On Audio Nostalgia you will find descriptions, specifications and my subjective opinions on many classic speaker constructions. My aim is to experience & explore, and share my vintage HiFi adventures with other enthusiasts around the globe. Since I live in a relatively small house, I cannot keep all of the speakers that I buy. Hence, every so often, you can find some of my vintage speakers on eBay.

In the DIY section you will find detailed descriptions and photos from various projects, including upgrading crossovers as well as refurbishing and building new enclosures.

I currently live in West Yorkshire (UK), hence, majority of the speakers on this website are British. Apologies for any spelling mistakes – English is not my first language. This is also the reason why I use my nickname (Shem) instead of my rather hard to pronounce, Polish name ;). Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.


My Current Setup:
Speakers: Harbeth M30.1
Amplifier: Yamaha A-S2000
CD Player: Yamaha CD-S2000
Turntable: Denon DP-47F
Cartridge: Denon DL-103R
Step Up: Denon AU300LC
Interconnects: QED Silver Spiral XLR + RCA
Cables: QED Genesis Silver Spiral


Equipment Previously Tested In My House:
Audiomaster MLS1
Audiomaster P202
B&W CM1 S1
B&W Matrix 804
Celestion Ditton 15
Celestion Ditton 66
Chartwell LS3-5A
Harbeth P3ESR
Harbeth Monitor M30.1
Harbeth Super HL5 Plus
JBL L100 Century
Martin Logan Electromotion
Realistic Mach One
Spendor S6
Tannoy DC2000
Tannoy DCT 6
Tannoy Little Gold Monitor
Tannoy Little Red Monitor
Tannoy Mercury F4
Tannoy Mercury S
Tannoy Monitor Gold 15
TDL Studio 1
Trio LS-77
Wharfedale W3
Cambridge Audio A1
Cambridge Audio Azur 851A
Cambridge Audio Azur 851E + Azur 851W
Linn Kairn Pre Amp + Linn LK2 Power Amp
Marantz PM6005
Sugden A21SE
Sugden Masterclass IA-4
Pioneer SA-506
Technics SU-7300
Toshiba SC-335 SY-335
Unison Research Simply 845
Yamaha A-S2000
Yamaha AX 497
Yamaha PC4002M Power
CD Players:
Cambridge Audio Azur 851C
Marantz CD5003
Marantz CD6005
Marantz CD6006 UK Edition
Pink Triangle De Capo (Dac + CD)
Sugden Masterclass PDT-4F
Yamaha CD-S2000